Woodcroft Warrens - ... where all pets are treated with Love & Kindness
Room Service           

Fresh Hay (unlimited)
Dried herbage (a homemade mix)
Dried grass (Readigrass)
Supermarket bought fresh food
Dry pellets (supplied by you)
Fresh Water (in a bowl & bottle for all guests)
Medications & Supplements (supplied by you)
... and plenty of TLC!

Our Daily Routines
  1. All enclosures are checked for security
  2. Outside guests are let into their exercise runs
  3. All guests are fed their usual breakfast diet according to booking form
  4. Litter trays are cleaned
  5. Any dirty areas removed and replaced with fresh
  6. Fresh Hay is supplied
  7. Fresh water supplied
  8. Fluffy / long haired pets groomed as required
  9. Any medications are given
  10. Fuss and attention - checking everyone is eating, happy & well
During the day
Caring for your pets is my full-time love. I do not work in another job, I am around all day most days, so everyone receives all the attention they need.
  1. Shutters are closed. There is never only mesh between guests and the outside world.
  2. All guests are fed their usual dinner diet according to booking form
  3. Litter trays are cleaned
  4. Any dirty areas removed and replaced with fresh
  5. Fresh Hay is supplied
  6. Fresh water is supplied
  7. Any medications are given
  8. Fuss and attention - checking everyone is eating, happy & well
Before Bed

  1. Guests are always checked on before bed
  2. A large handful of dust-free dried grass & herb hay  (usually chamomile, nettle, dandelion & marigold) is fed

Our Cleaning Procedure
  1. Each enclosure is cleared of all bedding, hay etc
  2. Each enclosure is vacuumed thoroughly, including ledges so that no dust remains 
  3. The enclosure is then disinfected with Anigen, then scrubbed and steamed 
  4. Corners are sprayed lightly with mite spray
  5. The enclosure is left to air
  6. Water bottles bowls and litter trays are meticulously cleaned in hot soapy water and sterilised with Milton
  7. Surrounding areas inside and outside are disinfected.
Guest Health Check List  (am and pm)
Bright and alert    ✓    ✓    
Clear eyes    ✓    ✓                
Clear ears    ✓    ✓
Clean bottom    ✓    ✓                      
Normal droppings    ✓    ✓                     
Water level has decreased    ✓    ✓                 
Food has been eaten    ✓    ✓                  
Why check twice daily? A sick rabbit with GI Stasis, fly-strike or other illnesses can deteriorate with a few hours! 
While there is always a certain risk of such illnesses occurring at any time, we do our very best to minimize this risk while the animals are in our care.

Designated Kitchen / Utility Area
Hay, herbs, grass, bowls, bottles etc are stored in a clean, secure utility area within the boarding area at the end of our garden. Here we have a sink, running water, heat, and the pets even have their own fridge.

On rare occasions where my husband and I are unavailable to carry out room service, one of our experienced, adult helpers is always here to ensure our high standards are adhered to and routine is maintained.

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