Woodcroft Warrens - ... where all pets are treated with Love & Kindness

Your Pet's Holiday Checklist
Please remember...
1. Updated vaccination certificates for RVHD1 / Myxomatosis & RVHD 2 (rabbits only) should have been emailed already
2. Enough of your pet's usual dry food to last the whole holiday

3. Your pet is clean (bottoms in-particular) 
4. Your pet is treated against mites and fly strike where necessary
5. Contact Woodcroft Warrens to arrange a mutually convenient arrival time

     07824 666627 or email me 

 This is family home so please pre-book your arrival/collection time

Collections are best arranged once you are home from your holiday. 

Holiday Opening Hours

We will be closed for arrivals/collections on: 

Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Year's Day
Easter Sunday

We open for a limited time only on: 

Christmas Eve
New Year's Eve
Good Friday
Bank Holidays

Now you're ready to go!

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